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Fooly Cooly update for Toonami

     May 19th Toonami will air the Fooly Cooly finale episode "FLCLimax" in its 12am timeslot, since its a 45 min. episode Toonami will push back the air times for their remaining schedule for the rest of the night.

     May 26th Toonami will air a Fooly Cooly marathon starting at 10:30 pm to 5 am (sun), this will two back to back airing of the six episode series.

     June 2nd will see the premiere of the new Fooly Cooly Progessive (6 episodes) I believe in the 12 am timslot. I will update here if there are and further changes.

     On the July 7th finale of FLCL Progessive came the announcement that Fooly Cooly Alternative will premiere the night of Sept. 8th 2018, Yeah now wel'l be able to see episode one in Eng. dub now!

     Now if Toonami would once more run Eureka Seven, or maybe Tenchi Muyo again.

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