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The return of FLCL,and the premires of Alternative, and Progressive!

      Now last week we saw the sneak preview of FLCL Alternative, and with last night's Toonami we recived the news that starting next week (Apr. 14th) we will see the return of the orginal Fooly Cooly in the 11:30 p.m. timeslot for it six episode run.
      And online news of dates for the new FLCL series's were also released there and at fan-sites, so here go's. Firstlly June the 2nd (Sat.) 11:30 p.m. FLCL Progressive will air. that's the FLCL with the Cat-eared girl in it! Oh and runs for 6 episodes. Next in Sept. will see the premire of the second series, Fooly Cooly Alternative: that's the show that was run those first episode was aired last week for the April Fool's special last week! It too will be a 6 episode series also.

     Update FLCL Progressive will be shown in the 12:00 am timeslot for its June 2nd premire.

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