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Adult Swim's April Fools special!

    did anyone else get caught off guard with the Adult Swim April Fool special last night that aired in stead of their expected adult swim anime?
     Well I'll admit I was, So I might have missed the whole thing, if I wasn't checking the east coast Feed during the early airing. But if you did you missed the premire of the coming Fooly Cooly return.... FLCL:Alternative!!!!

      FLCL:Altenative was aired in the 12:00 am slot, in Japanese with english Sub-titles.... so kawaii!!! all of the origial insanity was there!! It was just the greatest, I now can't wait for the September return to the maddest that is Fooly Cooly!!

     The Rest of the night was fill with more Anime maddest all in japanese with Engish-subbing, first was a OVA called MindGames followed with a JoJo's B.A., a Naurto, a Space Dandy, The first episode of Cowboy Bebop, and finally a Ghost in the Shell.
     But because it was the April Fool's show every show after the OVA was raddomly scheduled and my DVR had to be manualy programed around the online schedule. So nothing is listed in to the memory.
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