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Fathom Events will be bring us more anime!!

     It looks like Fathom Events will be bring us another year of classic anime to a theater near you! Now I will first admit I have overlooked the recent anime that they have running these last few months, but the list of Studio Ghibli for this year is stellar.

     Feb. 24th (sat), 26th (mon)
     Mary and the Witch Flower (Stuido Ponoc)

     Mar. 25th (sun),26th (mon), 28th (wed)
     Apr. 22th (sun), 23rd (mon), 25th (wed)
     The Cat Returns
     May 20th (sun), 21st (mon), 23rd (wed)
     Porco Rosso
     June 17th(sun), 18th (mon), 20 (wed)
     Pom Poko
     July 22nd (sun), 23rd (mon), 25th (wed)
     MononokE Hime/Princess Mononoke !!!*****
     Aug. 12th (sun), 13th (mon), 15th (wed)
     Grave of the Fireflies !!!*****
     Sept. 30th (sun), Oct. 1 (mon), Oct. 3 (wed)
     My Neighbor Totoro !!!*****
     Oct. 28th (sun), 29th (mon),30th (tue)
     Spirited Away !!!*****
     Nov. 18th (sun), 19th (mon),20th (tue)
     Castle in the Sky!!!*****
     Fathom will have will have all of their times and venues.
    One personal aside though DO Not bring a child to see Grave of the Fireflies!
    This is a Movie which only a mature adult can see, and comprehend. If you have never had your heart broken by a movie, this is the movie to learn how to cry. I was warned before I saw GotF and I still lost it! Even now thirty years later I'm still not sure if I can once again enter a theater and watch Grave again. But it is still one of the greatest movies ever!

     Also from the Fathom Events web site the Sun showing will be Dubbed
    The Second (mon) will be Subbed, and the third will be Dubbed. Now if only I could get Fathom to roll my favorite Whisper of the Heart!
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