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As of Aug 19th the return of Outlaw Star to the Toonami line-up

     At today the new schedule for Toonami was released, after the final episode of Ghost in the Shell:SAC on the 12th it's time-slot will be filled by the return of Outlaw Star a series from well over ten years ago. No word yet on whether it will be the original uncensored version or the edited version we saw originally aired on Toonami.

     Wow I was just checking back at Wiki and I had forgotten the Outlaw Star was aired way back in Jan. thur Feb. of 2001! Man how time fly's when you get old, also back then Adult Swim only ran 25 of the original 26 episodes so here's hoping that this time the missing episode #23 " Hot Springs Planet Tenrei" will be aired.

     Update: in tonight's episode World of Desires, (#2) the android Melfina was introduced. And she wasn't wearing her digital Bikini, so here's hoping that this airing will be shown unedited.

     This what the new schedule will look like.
     11pm DragonBall Super
     11:30pm DBZ Kai: The Final Chapters
     12:00a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Stardust Crusaders
     12:30a Tokyo Ghoul
      1:00a Hunter X Hunter
      1:30a Lupin the 3rd: The Italian Adventure
      2:00a Naruto:Shippuden
      2:30a Outlaw Star
      3:00a Attack on Titan (season 2)

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