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Attack on Titan 2 Marathon for July 1st, 2017

     Last night during AoT2's episode it was announced next week's Toonami will be holding a Attack on Titan 2 Marathon of the first nine episodes, starting at 11 pm to 3:30 am. Also of note there are some reports coming from anime fan sources in Japan that season 3 of AoT is in the planning stage. Also of note theres only three episodes left to go for AoT2, anybody have any ideas what's next in the time-slot?

      One of the animes that I've been watching online I would like for Toonami to pick-up the rights to the 24 episode series Re-Creators. I can't wait for the next episode's release next Thursday!

     Well the jokes on me I was just at the site and they ran a story about how the production company in under pressure to get Attack on Titan 3 out in 2018 or lose their fan base.
     oops! I was using my Directv schedule for Saturday night air-times of Toonami, but now the dates and times are now corrected, Also last night I saw My Neighbor Totoro at my local AMC theater and I was happily surprised at how full the theater was for the showing last night, I had to catch myself from singing along to the songs!

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