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Six classic movies from Studio Ghibli in the theaters again.

     Today it was announced by GKIDS and Fathom Events will release six Studio Ghibli films this year, and some of them I've never seen in a theater before. It will soon be announced by Fathom Events which will be the Eng. dub and which will be in Japanese with Eng. sub's. on Sunday and Monday. And the theaters that they will be shown at, although I'm lucky in that two of my nearby theaters seem to always to be on the Fathom Events list.

     June 25th and 26th: My Neighbor Totoro
     July 23rd and 24th: Kiki's Delivery Service
     Aug. 27th and 28th: Castle in the Sky (this one MUST be seen in a real theater!!)
     Sept.24th and 25th: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (another must,must see!!)
     Oct. 29th and 30th: Spirited Away
     Nov. 26th and 27th: Howl's Moving Castle

     At there's a news page where the updated information of the schedule for the showings of the Studio Ghibli series are as follows.
     The Sunday showings are in English dub. and will be aired at 12:55 PM local time.
     The Monday showings are in Japanese with English sub-titles and will be shown at 7 PM local time. As noted before will be able to give the local theaters that will be close to you.

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