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Gundam: IBO marathon/New Anime movie next week for Toonami!

     This week of the halloween weekend Oct.29th, Toonami will air a Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Marathon consisting of episodes 12 thur 19.

     And for the Daylight savings time week of Nov. 5th 2016 the schedule will include the anime OVA "Children Who Chase Lost Voices" (2011)
     The OVA will air in what should be the slot for the show "One Punch Man" but because of DST it will be airing in the 2:00 am slot (after DST) Children Who Chase lost Voices is listed as an 90 min. OVA, so just to be on the safe side use your DVR's time or stay up for the OVA.

     Hopeful in the next year Toonami will bring in some real anime again, right now about the only anime I watching now is Gundam:IBO.
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