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One Punch Man and updated schedule for Toonami July 16th, 2016

     Starting July 16th Toonami will start the twelve episode One Punch Man in the 12:00 AM slot. (It's doubtful Toonami picked up the 6 OVA's.)

       11:30 PM DBZ Kai
       12:00 AM One Punch Man
       12:30 AM Iron Blooded Orphans
        1:00 AM Hunter X Hunter
        1:30 AM Naruto Shippuden
        2:00 AM One Piece
        2:30 AM Parasyte-the maxim

     Wow saw some of the production still's from Netflix's "Death Note", man they made Watchmen look good! Now if Toonami were to get ahold of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, then I wouldn't have anything to complain about!
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