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Appleseed XIII starting May 27th on SHORTS HD channel, Then Level E

    Last month I had to switch my cable provider to DirecTV and one of the channels I now have access to is one Called Shorts HD Ch. 573. And lo and behold I found that they were airing anime in Japanese with english subtitling.
    Last month I belated discovered that that channel was running the anime Gintama, so this week I noticed that the final episode of the first season ran last night so I scrolled the guide and found out that this Friday morning that the Shorts HD channel will be starting the thirteen episode anime Appleseed XIII (2011) in the 3:00 a.m. to 3:50 a.m.. The episodes will air two episodes per night for the next week. Repeating at 6 a.m. , 11 a.m., and again at 2 p.m.
     And while going through the on screen guide I found that next thursday after the 13 episode run of Appleseed it will be replaced with the anime Level E (2011), like Appleseed Level E is also an thirteen episode series.
     Since the on screen guide only goes for two weeks I'll probably have to update this page. Also I don't know yet if they will also be in Japanese with Eng. subbing.

     Wow bummer I just got up this morning to check out my copy and discovered that the ShortsHD Channel are airing the english dub of Appleseed and its in Pan and Scan yike's! Oh well I still love the look of Shirow's artwork brought to life!

     Today's update I checked the guide and found that the anime starting June 9th ShortsHD will be airing is Serial Experiment Lain, 13 episodes from 1998. and this week after the run of Appleseed they are running Level E 13 episodes from 2011.

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