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Chinese version of Dangerous Liaisons

Sept 29th is the first showing of the new film that Jang Dong Gun has made in China in Mandarin. He had a speech trainer with him at all times. He looks wonderful and the film has been brought up to about the 1930's which makes it new and interesting. Cecilia Leung and Zhang Ziyi are the ladies of the cast. It sounds as tho they are having a difficult time presenting all the scenes that have been made. No holds barred it seems. For me the English version called 'Valmont' was perfection with Colin Firth and Meg Tilly and a great collection of English actors filling all the other roles. I think it was by far the better version than the later American one which I thought was heavyhanded and not done with any finesse at all. I hope eventually there will be an English subtitle as I would really like to see the Chinese version. Directed by Korean director I think. It will be shown in Korea and I wonder how it will be received. The Korean version was so different..called 'Scandal' and had BYJ in the lead and he would never do those scary sexual scenes. Even so, the film was beautiful and the settings also lovely. I always thought that the lead should have been played by Lee Jeung Jae.
He worked so well with Lee Mi Sook in another drama.
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