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Re: K-Movie: 타짜 (Tazza: The High Roller)

Haha! =P Riiiight... Ratings Panel. emoticon

Well, speaking about the movie "The Thieves," it was a really entertaining movie that kept me interested throughout. It was also a bit lengthy clocking in at 2 hours 15 minutes but it was well worth it for my movie watching experience. As far as content, it had strong language throughout the movie and it also had scenes with weapons and some blood if that bothers anyone. There was no nudity in this film but there were sexually suggestive scenes and language.

In short, this movie is definitely worth taking the time to watch if you like thrillers and the plot is also very intriguing. It left me laughing at the end because of how twisted the whole thing was.

I'll start a brand new thread specifically for this movie in case anyone is looking for it but I'll just copy what I have here.

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