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Music on CJK Drama Chart Site

Discussion continued from New Members topic in the General Discussion forum (pages 37 & 38) class blockquote Hiroshi66 wrote:
Hmm, now I can't hear the music either! When I posted my previous reply, I was using a computer at my school's library and the music was playing there. But now I'm using my personal computer, and the music doesn't play on neither the CJK thread nor Creidesca's chart site! I don't think it's my browser, since both computers had Mozilla Firefox, but maybe it's the version of Windows? The school computer has Windows XP, and my personal computer has Windows Vista. Maybe the music only plays on XP? Hmm.
class blockquote nchristi wrote:
I have Windows XP and it isn't working for me. I am also still using SeaMonkey browser, though I also have Firefox and Internet Explorer. I still prefer SeaMonkey because it has features the others do not, features I use a lot. The downside is that most of the websites I frequent in Korea (and Asia) require IE, so I have to switch to it when accessing those.
Yeah, I mostly use Firefox, but I also have Internet Explorer on my computer. I tried opening up the site on IE, but the music didn't play there either. I wonder if the computers at school have a certain program or feature installed that allows the music to play?
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