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リンダ リンダ リンダ linda linda linda

Linda Linda Linda tells the story of a group of (eventually) four high school girls who decide to put together a band for Hiiragi-sai, their school cultural festival. Three days before they are to play the festival, the guitarist and singer quit the band. The remaining members, Kei Tachibana (立花恵, Tachibana Kei?), Kyoko Yamada (山田 響子, Yamada Kyōko?), and Nozomi Shiroko (白河望, Shiroko Nozomi?) must figure out what to do or risk cancelling. They decide to perform covers of The Blue Hearts songs, but all agree that they need to find a new member to be the singer. They ask the first girl that walks by - Son (ソン, Son?), a Korean foreign exchange student. Son is not fluent in Japanese, and this leads to some difficulties and misunderstandings, but through sharing in the ins and outs of high school life, they are able to understand one another. The first day ends with all the girls working their hardest to begin to learn their parts, the most notable scenes here being Son trying to enter a karaoke parlor, and Kyoko talking with her crush, Kazuya Oe (大江一也, Ōe Kazuya?).

On the next day, they begin practicing early at school where Kei struggles to play the guitar. As school begins, they all break off to do their own thing, Kyoko is seen selling crepes alongside Oe. By mid afternoon, it's time for the girls to regroup back at the music club room, but Kyoko ends up coming late and they miss their time slot. From there, Kei calls her ex-boyfriend and manages to get her group over to "Studio Q" to practice. They leave late at night to return to school, and continue practicing through the rest of the night.

By the next morning, they had begun to get down their songs and are on their way to performing well. As school begins, they all go to their respective places to help out during the festival. Kei continues to practice and master her guitar parts and talks to one of her rocker friends, Takako. Son, is supposed to be helping with the "Japan/Korea Culture Exchange" but day dreams about the band (and comes up with a name for it) until falling asleep on her desk. Kyoko is assumed to have gone back to selling crepes, and Nozomi falls asleep on her bass guitar in one of her teacher's classrooms. By mid afternoon, Kei and Kyoko wake up a reluctant Nozomi and go to fetch Son. There, after waking her up, they find that she received a note in Korean to go to the equipment room where Mackey wanted to ask her out. However, in the spirit of the band, Son comically walked out, and they enjoyed a dinner at Nozomi's house where Kyoko was convinced to talk to Oe about going on a date. Kyoko agrees to talk to him the next day, one hour before the performance. They end the night back at school, practicing until early morning.

On the final day, the band gets awakened by a group who began to take out instruments to set them up on stage. The band decides to head back to Studio Q and continue practicing. However, out of exhaustion they fall asleep and Kei dreams about being celebrated and performing for The Ramones at the Budokan. All this while, the stage managers begin to search for Kei's band, but to no avail. To pass the time, the band's friends Takako and Moe have impromptu performances. Kei only wakes up to the sound of Kyoko's cell phone when Oe calls to ask where Kyoko is. The band then rushes back to school in a taxi where Oe and Kyoko finally meet while everyone else sets up with only ten minutes left. When Kyoko finally comes in, the band performs two of the three songs they had planned: "Rinda Rinda" (Linda Linda), and Owaranai Uta to an excited and pumped up crowd.


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