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J-Dorama: 奇跡の動物園~旭山動物園物語~ (Miracle at the Zoo)

O.A. (on air) in Japan: CX (Fuji TV) May.13 2006 (Sat. @ 9PM) [2hr. SP]
O.A. locally: KSCI-TV/DT (LA18) via FCI (Fuji TV) Jul.16 2006 (Sun. @ 6:30PM)

Storyline: Based on an event that happened in 1986 at a zoo in Hokkaido pref.

Stars: YAMAGUCHI Tomomitsu, TODA Erika, KOIDE Keisuke, RIJYUU Go, ARAKAWA Yoshiyoshi, ITO Shiro, TSUGAWA Masahiko.

Official homepage: (PR)

WinNY hash: (info from
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