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J-Movie: ロッカース ( ROCKERS )

While searching for anything Nakamura Shunsuke related ( Because we all know that I LOVE him. *cough* ) I came across this J-movie title... Has anyone seen or heard of it? I want to get it, but I can't find a dvd with english subtitles ~.~;; And I'm VERY tempted to buy a raw dvd of this movie... Basically, from what I can gather, it's about this group ( I'm guessing called "Rockers" emoticon ) trying to make it big, it's their dream to make it big and play rock music... I guess. All I have is the Rockers OST ( Because Nakamura Shunsuke sings. Ofcourse. Ha. ) and it's really good...

So any information would be appreciated emoticon


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