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J-Drama: Night Train to the Stars: Kenji Miyazawa Story

[Airing Sundays on KXLA, 7:00-8:00p (12/12, 12/19, and 12/26 only)]

I finally got around to watching the first episode tonight. I had never before heard of this author and his work and found the first episode rather interesting. If nothing else, seeing the Japan of 1917 and going forward was fascinating. The photography is beautiful, including many gorgeous land and mountain scapes, stands of trees arrayed in beautiful fall colors, cherry blossoms, and the like. Really a great sampling of life away from the cities, from a bygone era.

I very much enjoyed the animation device used to portray Kenji‛s dream writings. Reminded me of early Walt Disney films. Very refreshing. The actor who portrays Kenji is perfect, too, capturing that wide-eyed, idealistic exuberance and passion of youth.

My only criticism is of the subtitles. Many of the thoughts are translated into almost a shorthand. It requires a little effort to figure out what they‛re trying to say sometimes. Also, I wish translators would understand that small, white subtitles are frequently lost in too many light backgrounds. Additionally, the subtitles frequently appear for only a minimal flash on the screen, requiring a rewind to read it all. (I prefer subtitles on Shinsengumi, everything is in yellow, providing good contrast to see it clearly.)

Here‛s a good web site for background on Miyazawa Kenji .

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Re: J-Drama: Night Train to the Stars: Kenji Miyazawa Story

Moving discussion to the existing topic for xml:langja-JPわが心の銀河鉄道 宮沢賢治物語 (Night Train to the Stars) in the movie section.

Thanks for the English version of the title.

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