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HK? Movie: Soong Sisters

1997 film
Chinese with English, Chinese subtitles

Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung, Vivian Wu, Winston Chao, and Hsing-kuo Wu.

I saw this film yesterday on DVD. Good film, but seems quite dry. Though I am still learning about this period, most of the information conveyed is not really new or hard to find elsewhere. I also got the impression that the film seemed to be very anti-Chiang Kai Shek (even if he was unpopular at the time - they gave him the image of a deductive and calculating person - but I have recieved the impression that he was more of a hot head.)

The film also gave an extremely romanticized view of Qingling Soong's relationship with Sun Yat Sen. They failed to show that Sun was more of a playboy who had left his first wife and children for a woman almost 30 years his junior. Not to mention that during this all he still had many concubines, prostitutes and mistresses on the side until the very day of his death.

Also, the film ignores the other members of the Soong family, namely the brothers, T.V and T.L Soong, who played an important and at times controversial role in the history of the ROC.

Okay film. Wouldn't watch again. 6/10
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