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Get more out of your DVD Collection - Trade Them!

class center Welcome to the TRADING POST


Get more value out of your DVD collection! Trade your DVDs to get DVDs you haven't seen for only $1.00 per trade plus points. So it's like getting a DVD for a $1.00.


It's Easy. Here's how it works:

Step One Sign up to be a member of the DVD trading post. Sign up is free!


Step Two Create a list of DVD titles you want to trade and assign points* to each DVD.

Step Three Mail your DVD out for trade and receive a DVD you want.


Sign Up
First, Read and agree to the Terms of Use Post. Then email your name, address, phone number, email address to (All information will be kept confidential and only given to those members who will be sending you a DVD**). After sign up you will receive an email to confirm your registration, member number and password. Once you've received this email you can then start using the service.

Listing DVDs for trade
Create a list of DVDs you want to trade on the site. List the Title, UPC code and region code of the DVD. Then assign points* to each DVD. Email the list to

Mailing the DVD
When a member selects a DVD from the site the owner will be notified by email that there is a request for the DVD listed, along with pertinent information about the requester. You mail the DVD to the requesting party and the points you’ve assigned to the movie flow into your account from the account of the person who ordered your DVD once it is confirmed that the requesting party received the DVD. You would use the points to trade for DVD’s listed on the site.

Who Pays for mailing the DVD
The sender of the DVD pays for postage. The U.S. Post Office charges .39 for the first ounce and .24 for each ounce after the first one. We recommend that when you send the DVD you use a bubble or padded envelope to protect the DVD from damage. Postal rates to mail one disk will start at .39 and go up depending on the type of envelope you use.

Ordering a DVD
Review the listed DVD’s on the Trading Post Site. Choose the DVD you want to order. Email with your order request, member number and password. Each time you order a DVD from the listings on the site you will be charged $1.00 plus points. The points charged are shown on the same post as the listing and will go to the member who sent you the DVD. The $1.00 charge will be paid through paypal to the Trading Post as a trading charge. Please note if you use a credit card to pay the trading fee there is a .30 cent surcharge. There is no surcharge if you transfer the dollar from your bank account. Once you place an order and email will be generated to instruct you on the use of Paypal. That’s it. There is no monthly fee to worry about!

Point values will be determined by each individual for their DVD’s. The guidelines are as follows. A DVD for trade shall not have a point value higher than 5 (exceptions pertain to a TV series.) The more popular the DVD the higher the point value. New releases would carry a high point value. For example, a popular Korean drama in excellent condition would be a point value of 5. A Korean drama that was released several years ago and is waning in popularity would bring in a point value of 3 or 4, even though it is in great condition. Point values may vary for the same DVD. You can change point values on your DVD at any time. Remember the more reasonable the point value the better chance your DVD will be requested.

How do you get Points?
Every time your listed DVD is traded and received by the requester you will receive the points you assigned the DVD. You can then use these points to order other DVD's that are listed on the site. For your first trade we will get you started with 5 free points!


The Trading Post will only make available your private information to those dvd owners who trade with you. If you want additional security for your private information we can arrange to have the requested DVD sent to the Trading Post and we will send the DVD to you. There is an additional charge for this service. Please email us at to find out more. class center

The Trading Post is sponsored by Web i18n.

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