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KBS Global

CD Featuring Koreans' Most Favorite Film Music to Be Released
"OCN, a cable/satellite TV movie channel, conducted a poll of Web users to find out the "100 most favorite film music numbers among Koreans" in June of last year. According to an official from OCN on Jan. 13, OCN will release a CD entitled "Koreans' Favorite Film Music" showcasing 22 numbers selected from the 100 music pieces the Web users voted for.

The CD will hit the shelves of nationwide "Buy the way" convenience stores and on- and offline sales outlets on Jan. 16.

The CD package also features the DVD of the film "Moulin Rouge," whose theme music numbers ranked 15th and 43rd on the poll, providing buyers with a chance to enjoy music and video at the same time. The CD also carries an explanation supplied by film music critic Kwon Young.

The CDs will be priced at 17,000 won apiece. OCN plans to donate all sales proceeds to The Beautiful Foundation for its "Campaign for Beautiful Film Makers" so that the funds can be spent for needy people."

Note: For some bizarre reason, KBS pic of this CD would not transfer -- however, it is mega YELLOW in color. (Between, you, me and the lampost, KBS has become a little over-the-top in their new "mine, mine, mine" product strategy! Why are they drawing boundaries and limiting sales? For such a worthy cause, they should open the flood gates on this one, and include YesAsia, other mega-music vendors!!!)

Were any posters here participants in this poll? Might somebody have a clue as to what films were on the list? And, lastly, have you seen it released on any site, or know of any US "convenience" stores carrying the CD?

These film compilations almost always become collectors' items and are seldom reprinted. Just trying to get this one before it becomes extinct.

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