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K-Drama (Spring Day) OST

A drama by Jo In Sung (What Happened in Bali) and Jin Ji Jee (JEwel in The Palace). Altho not so impressive, the OST is worth listening....

01. bom nal - i

02. gi uk hae jwuh - i

03. cha ra ri - i

04. ga ji ma - i

05. geu ah peum do geu seul peum gga ji do - Ji Jin Hee

06. ga ji ma (Tempo Ver.) - i

07. bom nal - Candy Man

08. Prologue

09. Main Title

10. Biyangdo eh ha roo

11. Sub Title

12. ee byul I

13. uh ril juk eh

14. hae ddeu neun jib

15. Bridge Theme

16. Jung Eun eh bang

17. umma eh piano

18. Nocturn I

19. Nocturn II

20. ee byul II

21. Main Title (Classic Ver.)

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