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Toonami Schedule Update for Sept. 29th, 2018

     I guess I've been having it too easy now that I've squared away my wi-fi problems! So Toonami is going change their schedule again!
     And to add to my troubles I added the current season # and episode # for each episode.

      9:00 pm Dragon Ball Z Kai S1 E1
      9:30 pm My Hero Academia S2 E7
     10:00 pm Naruto Shippuden S10 E24

     10:30 pm Boruto: Naruto Next Generation **NEW** S1 E1
     11:00 pm Dragon Ball Super S1 E81
     11:30 pm FLCL Alternative S3 E4
     12:00 am Attack on Titan III S3 E6
     12:30 am Jojo's Bizarre Adventure S3 E6
      1:00 am Black Clover S1 E40
      1:30 am Hunter X Hunter S5 E38
      2:00 am One Punch Man S1 E7
      2:30 am Lupin the Third pt 4 S1 E17
      3:00 am Cowboy Bebop S1 E24
      3:30 am Samurai Jack S1 E10
     Has anyone seen the new Toho anime Godzilla series they started in 2017, it's third OVA will be released in Nov. And I almost forgot but the new series of Sword Art Online series III ("Alicization") is starting this week in Japan so with this series will have at least 50 new ep. of 4 cour which will double the number of episodes for the series!

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