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Re: J-Drama: 深夜食堂 2 (The Late Night Diner 2)


Nchristi, you echoed my sentiments, exactly. I think I'm done wishing and hoping that Joe O turns into a character we can all relate to or somehow appreciate on a deeper level - in this drama, he is just another midnight diner. I had to chuckle at your comments about how he fit right into the scenery - that is so true! He sure hangs out in the best parts of town - if you're looking for Joe O, just find a shady looking footbridge and you might be able to catch him! LOL.

I had somehow hoped that Joe O was compassionate and sensitive towards other people's feelings. It felt a little out of character for him to even consider breaking up a family for his own selfish reasons. Then again, we really know so little about Joe O that maybe it isn't out of character - perhaps he does live life solely for himself, and after his run in with the law 8 years before, has decided to stop caring about other people and do only what he wants to do, or feels like doing.

What a relief that the family stayed together, and that Joe O left after he realized how heartbroken the little girl would be if her mother left. I was also happy that the mother realized that she was now a mom and couldn't just live life for herself. An educational experience for both parties.

Yes, it was surprising that Joe O had managed to buy 2 first-class tickets at the last minute! What does he do for a living!? Maybe his eggshell artwork (is that what he's doing?) sells for high prices.

If Season 3 was airing right after this one, I don't know if I would watch it. I've grown a bit tired of this program. The formula stays the same week after week, and it's just not enjoyable for me to watch anymore. I am very curious to see how similar (or not) the Korean version is. Alas, with the demise of UTB 18.2, who knows when (or if) Season 3 will ever air on the new 18.1 format.
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