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posticon C-drama: ICN 44.8 杜拉拉之似水年華 [Lala's Shining Days] (6/09/14 - 7/02/14)

Replaces 2nd rebroadcast of Black Fox in the evening timeslot. Airs 2 episodes/day, 5 days/week from 10pm to 12am. Daily repeats are at 1:30am-3:30am and 9am-11am, Tue to Sat. Week's worth of episodes are also repeated on the weekends from 1pm-5pm Sat. (for Mon thru Tue epis) and from 1pm-7pm Sun. (for Wed thru Fri epis).


Blurb taken from Yesasia:
Known for his idol dramas Endless Love and Hi My Sweetheart, the Taiwanese director Lin He Long has cooked up yet another hit drama titled Lala's Shining Days that tells the ups and downs of an alpha woman approaching her thirties.

To-be Human Resources Director Lala (Jiao Junyan)'s relationship with Wang Wei (Wang Lei) is hitting the rocks. At the same time, Wang Wei's career is also going nowhere. Wang Wei runs away from Shanghai to start anew, leaving Lala battered and torn. After their tearful breakup, Lala finds comfort in the company of Chen Feng (Zhai Tianlin), Wang Lei's former classmate and business rival. Just when Lala thinks she has got over Wang Lei, he returns to her life a brand new person...

I believe it might be a "continuation" to the first drama, A Story of Lala's Promotion, but most of the actors/actresses have been replaced by others, except may be for the character Helen.

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Re: C-drama: ICN 44.8 杜拉拉之似水年華 [Lala's Shining Days] (6/09/14 - 7/02/14)

Yes, Yedda Chen play Helen, and Pamela is also played by the same actress in both.
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