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C-drama: LA18 noon《梨花淚》 Tears of the Theatrical World (7/30/2013- )

This is a 35-episode drama directed by Taiwanese director, Zhang Xiao-Zheng. It was produced in 2010 and when it aired on CCTV-8, it was the worst-rated prime-time drama in the first quarter of 2011.

Many reasons contributed to its low ratings--one of which is the lack of good-looking actors and actresses acting in the lead roles. The cast comprised of second-string (and thus less well-known) actors and actresses from Taiwan, Homg Kong, and China.

This is the story of a girl (Ru-Ping) who grew up in her uncle's house. She does not know about the stories behind her birth. Her uncle forbids her from participating in anything related to the theater--acting or singing. Her mother ran away from home and joined a theatrical troupe. In love with the lead actor, she got pregnant. The lead actor ran away from the troupe with another woman, leaving Ru-Ping's mom heart-broken. She died giving birth.

Ru-ping went to college and met her boyfriend who introduced her to the theater club in college.

Years later, Ru-ping met her birth father. She did not know her teacher is her birth father who taught her everything she needs to know about the Chinese opera. A born-talent, Ru-ping learned the tricks of the trade quickly and was soon performing on stage, against the wishes of her uncle.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend got news that his mom is ill so he went home. At home, he was told to marry a family friend's daughter. Back then, kids have no say in who they can marry....

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