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C-Drama: LA18 7pm <媳婦的美好宣言> wonderful declarations from a DIL (1/9/2013)

English title: Wonderful Declarations from a Daughter-in-Law (the subject heading above didn't allow me to type in the whole title).

This is a 33-episode drama which began airing in China on 11/8/2012. The story is set in Beijing. It is a story about a 30-year old woman (Mao Rong-Rong) who met and married a divorced dentist. Against her parents' wishes, she went ahead and married the dentist. There are many reasons why her parents are against the marriage. The dentist has an ex-wife and a son. His mother wants him to get back with his ex-wife for the benefit of the boy. After marriage, Mao has to live with her mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law, as well as dealing with constant meddling from the ex-wife.

The story has the kind-hearted Mao solving problems for everyone in her husband's family--she married off her sister-in-law, landed her brother-in-law a successful photography career, got her step-son into a good school, made friends with her husband's ex, and even made her mother-in-law aware of her efforts in making the family better.

Now, I ask you....does the plot sound realistic?!?! We know all dramas are fiction, but this is just so far-fetched.

Baidu link (in Chinese):

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