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C-drama: LA18 noon《老伴》 A Thousand Miles Away (11/12/2012-12/21/2012)

This is a 30-episode drama about an elderly couple and their journey around China in search of a child who can take care of the elderly woman once her husband passes away from advanced cancer.

The story began when the husband of the elderly couple discovered that he had advanced cancer. He wanted to find the right child (amongst their 5 children-3 boys and 2 girls) to entrust the care of his wife to that child. So the parents asked all their 5 children to return home for the Chinese New Year celebration so they can discuss this problem with the children. Unfortunately, for various reasons, none of the children made it home to see their parents. So the parents decided to go visit each child to determine who best to take over the responsibility of taking care of mom when dad dies. As the story unfolds, we see that each child lived in different parts of China. The elderly couple had to travel long distances to visit each child. Each child also had their own set of problems which prevented them from visiting their parents during the Chinese New Year holiday.

This is one of the few mainland Chinese modern dramas that I actually enjoyed. The acting from all the actors were superb, especially the actors who portrayed the elderly parents. The stories/problems presented by each child are realistic and solutions/resolutions are believable in terms of dramas in similar genres.

One of the unique aspects of this drama is that each child represented his/her own story, so I felt like I had watched 5 different dramas plus 1 that tied the other 5 together. I had watched the last story first and found the story interesting enough to go back to the first episode.

I was glad to have taped the episodes.

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