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C-Drama: LA18 7pm <AA制生活> "AA Style Life" (9/20/2012-11/12/2012)

I would translate the title of this drama to be "AA-type Lifestyle", but LA18 has "AA Style LIfe" on their programming guide. I am not familiar with the terminology AA-Type, so I did a bit of research. It is a newly-coined term which originated in China. It means evenly split, sort of like "Going Dutch". So if the term AA-Type Lifestyle probably means the man and the woman living together would split the cost of living, chores, responsibilities, etc... equally, right down the middle. We shall see if this drama reveals itself the way I explained it.

I did read a while back in the Chinese press about the 2 actors who play the couple in the drama. There is a lot of realistic "bedroom" scenes in this drama.

This is a 38-episode drama by Hunan Television. Originally aired in April 2012, it was adapted from the popular internet novella, AA-Type Marriage. The TV drama depicts the meeting and marriage of 2 young people (the characters were born after 1980). and how they overcome their differences and conflicts to make their marriage work.

Since it was a hit show in China, I shall give it a try.

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Re: C-Drama: LA18 7pm <AA制生活> "AA Style Life" (9/20/2012- )

Hmm, just realized that the lead actor, Ren Zhong, portraying Han Xin, is in the currently airing Family to the Nth Power on ICN 44.8 There, he plays a rich playboy type. He did Family to the Nth Power before AA Style Life.

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