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C-Drama: LA18 noon《婆婆来了》My Dear Mother-In-Law (2/29/2012-4/4/2012)

This is a 26-episode contemporary drama which deals with 2 young couples and the wives' dealing with mother-in-laws. It was adapted from Lan Xan's book of the same title.

One couple Wang Chuang-Zhi and Ho Lin. Ho Lin is a city girl whose parents are professionals living in the city of Beijing. Ho Lin met Wang at university and fell in love with him--his hardworking ethics and simplicity. He is simple because he is from the countryside. His widowed mother and his siblings sacrificed to put him through school with high expectations of him. Neither parents were happy with the couple's decision to marry. But they got married without the parents' consent and forced their parents to accept. Soon Wang's mother and siblings moved to the city an moved in to the young couple's home which is a gift from Ho Lin's parents. Ho Lin did not want these country pumpkins to hang out at her house, but it's Wang's family and soon conflicts involving personality, values, and money erupted.

The other young couple involved Fang Jun-Hong and Xiao Ya. Before they got married, Xiao Ya agreed that Fang's widowed mother will be living with them after they get married. Fang's mother was widowed at 28, so she is very protective of her son and highly demanding of his spouse. Xiao Ya, who had lived independently since her parents divorced, could not stand her mother-in-law's intrusiveness.

Both Xiao Ya and Ho Lin are great friends and they commiserated their plight of having to live with their mother-in-law.

This show had great promise in the beginning, but the plot got so unbelievable, especially the last episode where Ho Lin held her new born son (she just got out of the hospital) and found her mother-in-law (who suffers from Alzheimer's) down a steep hill somewhere remote. She walked down that steep embankment with the "fake" infant (prop) in her hand so she can show her mother-in-law the infant. Then her husband and siblings showed up in a van (nobody in the story owned a van) to pick up their lost mother.

The other couple Xiao Ya and Fang got divorced, but then the mother-in-law became the catalyst that brought them back together because apparently the daughter-in-law had passed her test. WHAT?! So the young couple have decided to get married again in the States when his job takes him there. The mother-in-law decides to stay in Beijing and leave the young couple alone.'s so unlike the mother-in-law that we know from the first 20 episodes.


Glad the show is over. NEXT!
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