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Korean concert

I'm not quite sure where to post this to where most people will read or check emoticon. I couldn't find my last posting about the concert.

SM entertainment is having another SM world tour in CA on May 20th at the Honda Center. Tickets will go on sale on April 5th. I wish the notice would be sooner but yea. There is no listing of who will be there but probably their main groups will be there plus a few soloists.

Anyways, SM is the home for many great singers/groups like Kangta, Girls generation, Shinee, Super junior, DBSK, and TRAX ( jay from "bittersweet life" will probably not going to be there b/c he enlisted to join the army...boohoo), and many more. I went to their concert at the staple center 2 years ago and I enjoyed it tremendously. For those who have yet to experience, it's fun although bring ear plugs.
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